Old Meadows Park & Facility

  • Location: 1600 Marview Drive, Thousand Oaks CA 91362
  • Park Hours: 7am - 10pm
  • Size: 31 acres; 6.2 acres developed
  • Description: As a neighborhood park, Old Meadows is designed to serve the neighborhood residents within walking distance of the park. Facilities are limited and are primarily for use by families, children, and small groups. A permit is required for larger group gatherings. See Reservations.
  • Amenities: See the below listed amenities. One special feature of this park is the “SenseAbility Playground,” a sensory interactive play area stimulating senses and abilities. The playground features many unique play pieces including “Playville” miniature driving village, elevated sand table, “Sand Works”, back hoe digger, tenor marimba (a xylophone-like musical piece), drums, Talking Bob, talking horns, a sign language panel and several sensory panels. The play area is surfaced with sand and rubber surface, providing accessibility to approximately 60% of the playground.
  • Equipment: The majority of this site is accessible for people with disabilities.
 Amenity   Number        Playground Equipment   Number 
Meeting Room         1 (capacity 75 people) Play/Climbing Structures   2
Kitchen 1 (adjacent to meeting room) Swings             2
2nd Floor Dance Studio 1 Tire Swing 1
Restrooms             2 Double See Saw 1
Shade Structure 1
Picnic Tables 3 Slides 6
Soccer Fields 1 (reservable/youth field) Merry-Go-Round 1
Barbecue Grills 1 Elevated Sand Table 1
Bocce Courts 2 Back-hoe-digger 1
Drums 3
Tenor Marimba 1
Talking Bob 1
Rubber Surface 50%
Playground Picnic Tables 3