March 6, 2021

Are we spending too much time on our cellphones? Depending on the study, research shows that on average, Americans spend between 3 to 6 hours per day on their cell phones and check their phones up to 58 times daily. By comparison, children spend less than half that amount of time playing outdoors each day. While the capabilities smartphones provide are undeniable, studies have shown that having too dependent of a relationship with our smartphones can lead to an increase in anxiety, loneliness, and tiredness.

Alternatively, research shows that spending 120 minutes per week in nature or open space increases health and well-being. With children specifically, outside play can improve motor and sensory skills, contribute to cognitive and social/emotional development, increase attention spans, and stimulate happiness and better immunity.   

March 6 is National Day of Unplugging, which encourages everyone to take a break from technology for a 24-hour period to unwind, relax, and engage in things other than technology, electronics, and social media to appreciate the natural world.  Continuing Saturday, March 7th, we are offering a variety of unplugged programs providing opportunities to trade cellphones, television, and video games for outdoor recreation, social engagement, and personal discovery.

Whether with us or on your own…Unplug and find your outlet!

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