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Have fun, build confidence, and hone your skills on a skateboard with CRPD Skate's dynamic array of programs. Whether you're taking your first roll on a skateboard at the age of 4 or 44, CRPD Skate is here for you. Our skate classes are structured into three distinct levels, ensuring that we meet you precisely where you are at with your skills and comfortability on the skateboard.

Discover the perfect fit for your lifestyle and schedule with our numerous program options spread across Thousand Oaks. Whether it's at the tried and true Borchard Skatepark, the brand new Thousand Oaks Teen Center Skatepark, or our convenient mobile ramps popping up weekly at Thousand Oaks or Dos Vientos Center, there's a program right for you. Join us and let the adventure begin!

Skate Levels

Skate Level 1

These students have maybe never stood on a skateboard before or are learning to get more comfortable on their skateboards. We will work on board control, stance, balance, pushing, turning, and start on the basics of riding up and down ramps.

Skate Level 2

These students feel confident riding on their skateboard and feel comfortable riding up and down ramps. They are ready to begin working on more advanced maneuvers such as rock to fakie, drop ins, ollies, kickturns on ramps, and beyond.

Skate Level 3

These students have learned the basics of their skateboard and are ready to start working on specific tricks and style. Pop shuvits, kickflips, grinds, launches, and more! Oh my!

Youth Skate
(Ages 4-12)

Join CRPD Skate for our youth skate programs at Borchard Skatepark, Dos Vientos Center, or Thousand Oaks Center. We have group skate classes for beginner-advanced skateboarders.

 On a break from school and looking for fun and adventure? Join us at one of our many skateboard camps offered throughout fall, winter, spring, and summer breaks. At skate camp we learn tricks, meet new friends, work on skateboard crafts, activities, and play games.

Feel confident on your board and looking to get creative? Join us for Snap and Shred where we will learn about skateboard photography, take our own skate pictures, make stickers, interview our fellow students and create our very own skateboard magazine to take home and share with friends and family.

Teen Skate
(Ages 12-17)

Hang out with friends new and old and work on new skateboard tricks at Thousand Oaks Teen Center’s very own skatepark. Shred at the teen center during their skate classes or come take it easy at open skate.

Adult Skate 

It’s never too late to start skating! Skateboarding is a great way to build confidence, resilience, make friends, and exercise. Come learn to ride or work on new tricks with experienced instructors.

What do I need to be ready for my skateboard program?

For all of our CRPD Skate programs you will need a skateboard, helmet, and knee and elbow pads. Wrist guards are optional! Don’t have your own gear? We have extra gear available for use during programs, use of your own gear is encouraged due to limited CRPD gear availability.

Don’t forget sunscreen, water, and if you’re doing camps bring a snack for snack time!


Borchard Skatepark

Borchard Skatepark Expansion & Renovation Project

For information about this project, CLICK HERE.

About Borchard Skatepark

The Borchard Skatepark opened in 2002 in order to appeal to the rapid growth of the progressive sport of skateboarding, scooter riding, and BMX bikes. The Skatepark is just over 9,000 square feet with ledges, banks, rails, a hubba, and a quarter pipe. Visit us at 190 N. Reino Road, Newbury Park, CA 91320 or call 805-381-2791.



Open Skate

Open Skate

Open Skate

Open Skate

Open Skate

Open Skate

Open Skate

Skate Lesson

Open Skate

image of kid learning to skateboard at Borchard SkateparkLessons

Beginning and intermediate lessons are available for a wide variety of ages, starting at 4 years old. Our instructors teach those who have not even stepped on a skateboard before, to those who are working on intermediate skills. We also offer school break camps and summer clinics, perfect for getting a long stretch of time to practice tricks and skills while having fun in a peer-friendly environment. All of our programs are inclusive. To view our current session offerings, please visit PROGRAM REGISTRATION and search for keyword: SKATE.

Open Skate

 There is no supervision during OPEN SKATE. All posted park rules apply.   

image of kids skating at Borchard Center SkateparkSupervised Skate Times

All CRPD recreation programming such as skateboard lessons and camps are instructed by district staff and the park is closed to the public.  

The use of full protective gear consisting of helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads is enforced.  

Skatepark Rentals

Looking to rent out our skatepark for a private party or event? We have many options to meet your needs.

Call us at 805-381-2791 for a quote or visit us at 190 North Reino Rd in Newbury Park.


Teen Center Skatepark

About Teen Center Skatepark

The Teen Center Skate Park is the newest addition to the Teen Center, which underwent a major renovation in early 2023. This state-of-the-art skate park was funded in part by the city of Thousand Oaks and the state of California and provides a safe and exciting environment for teens to enjoy skating. The park features a variety of obstacles and challenges for skaters of all levels and is staffed by experienced and knowledgeable skate park attendants. Whether you're a seasoned skater or just starting out, the Teen Center Skate Park is the perfect place to practice your skills and connect with other skaters in the community. Visit us at 1375 E. Janss Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 or call 805-494-5156.


At the Teen Center, we offer beginning and intermediate skate classes for teens looking to learn or improve their skateboarding skills. Join us and learn from our experienced skate instructors. To view our current session offerings, please visit PROGRAM REGISTRATION and search for keyword: SKATE.

Open Skate

 There is no supervision during OPEN SKATE. All posted park rules apply.