Quimby Fees

This fee is also referred to as the Park Dedication Fee, and it is included in the City of Thousand Oaks Municipal Code. The general purpose is to provide for parks, recreational facilities, and open space areas for the health, safety, and general welfare of future residents and owners of property, and to encourage the orderly development of the City. Under this title, the code requires dedication of land, payment of fees, or both for park and recreational purposes as a condition of a residential development permit. A copy of the municipal code is available through the City of Thousand Oaks' website at www.toaks.org.


1. Complete the Quimby Fee / Park Dedication Fee Application (link above) as follows:

  • Project Address / Identification: Depending on project size, provide a case number, lot number, or street address.
  • City of Thousand Oaks Planner: Full name of the City of Thousand Oaks Planner approving the project.
  • Assessor's Parcel Number (APN): The unique, ten-digit identifier assigned to the parcel (e.g., 000-0-000-000).
  • Gross Acreage: The overall acreage of the proposed tract or subdivision. In small divisions or single lots, the acreage of the total project or single lot.
  • Number of Proposed New Dwelling Units: Based on the proposed number of new units approved in each category.

If applicable...

  • Per Planning Department Advisement: Zoning; Tract Number
  • Per Public Works Advisement: Area in Streets; Excess Street Area; Excess Street Improvement Costs; Amount of Public Works
  • Area in Open Space: Usually for larger projects that intend to leave a quantity of open undevelopable land for either an association or public maintenance and use. Do not include open lands that are a part of residential lots.
  • Private Recreation Areas: Usually for larger projects that intend to provide a set of private recreation areas as amenities for their tract residents. Park credit might be available if the code requirements are met.

2. Submit the following documents by e-mail to [email protected]:

  1. Completed Quimby Fee / Park Dedication Fee Application
  2. Latest tentative or proposed final dimensional plan for the project

For certain types of projects, we may also request the following:

  • A Certified Appraisal* of the property or a copy of a recent escrow purchase price
  • City of Thousand Oaks Public Works Department - Off-Site and On-Site Improvement Fee Calculations

3. Once directed by CRPD staff, you may pay any applicable fees online by credit card using the link above.

* SPECIAL NOTE: The Conejo Recreation & Park District requires that all certified appraisals be prepared by a Designated Member of the Appraiser's Institute.


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