Sports & Adult Leagues

Located in the Hillcrest Center, the CRPD Sports Office provides a full array of recreational athletics. Our programs consist of healthy, fun, and competitive athletic opportunities for teams and individuals. We offer a variety of adult leagues, adult and youth classes, seasonal camps, and group and private tennis lessons. Our goal is to meet the Community's needs, offering a wide range of sports to enrich the lives of Conejo Valley residents.


Sports Program Contacts

Recreation Supervisor Dana Miller
Recreation Coordinator Paul McCarter
Address 403 W Hillcrest Dr
Telephone 805-495-4674
Fax 805-381-2726
Hours Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm
Field Conditions 805-381-1236

Certification Courses

CRPD conducts Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation Official's Certification Courses. Individuals who successfully complete the courses are eligible to officiate in CRPD basketball, volleyball, and softball leagues.


BASKETBALL - November thru January (5 Sessions)
SOFTBALL - January thru February (5 Sessions)
VOLLEYBALL - January (3 Sessions)
SOCCER - January (3 Sessions)


CVSAC is a group of patrons or individuals who volunteer their time to improve community sports programs. The council is recognized as a central component in the community recreation process to establish and maintain communication among all teams and players involved in the leagues. If you are interested in becoming a member or would like more information on the advisory council, please contact the Sports Office.

Current members include:

Shelly Garifo Todd Baliman Kenneth Johnson Marty Uskali
Jim Hofius Dean Mitrofanis Bobbi Wollerman Jeremy Jones