Walnut Grove Park

Description Located next to a creek and wedged between the 101 Freeway and Newbury Road, the property for Walnut Grove Park was acquired in 1981 and developed into a 6-acre park in 1994.  Named for the walnut trees that occupy the site, its other unique quality is its outdoor handball court. In 2017, the playground

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Wildwood Regional Park

Description People of all ages frequent Wildwood Park for a variety of outdoor activities such as nature hikes, biking, horseback riding, summer day camps, and interpretive programs.  Additionally, the Conejo Open Space Trails Advisory Committee (COSTAC) coordinates the annual Trail Education Days for 4th graders of Conejo Valley public schools. There are 14 trails covering 17

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Wildwood Neighborhood Park

Description Wildwood Neighborhood Park, acquired in 1977, is adjacent to Wildwood Regional Park and Wildwood Elementary School.  The park was also the site of the beloved Wildwood Fort, which was built in 1967 as an attraction for the sale of homes in the Wildwood Homes tract.  Due to its deteriorated condition and non-compliance with playground safety

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Wildflower Playfield

Description The 19-acre Wildflower Playfield was acquired in 1978 and developed in 1986 with soccer and softball fields, lighted tennis and basketball courts, a restroom, and a playground. The park has views of Wildwood Regional Park as well as Mount Clif Ridge Open Space.   Park Information The park is open daily from 7:00am – 10:00pm. 

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Wendy Park

Description The property for 4-acre Wendy Park was acquired in 1973 and developed into a park in 1979. The park boasts a picnic structure, horseshoe pits, basketball court, and playground, with the backdrop view of Deer Ridge Open Space that includes the western section of the Los Robles Trail. Park Information The park is open

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Waverly Park

Description The 8.8 acres of Waverly Park was acquired in 1973 and developed in 1974.  This pine-studded park is adjacent to the Conejo Valley Adult School.  The baseball field and a portion of the park is on Conejo Valley Unified School District property.  An orchard is situated on the southeast corner of the property, as

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Walnut Grove Equestrian Center

Description In 1999, Conejo Recreation and Park District worked cooperatively with the Rancho Conejo Homeowners Association to acquire what was a run down private 13-acre common-ownership equestrian facility.  Soon thereafter, CRPD entered into a 40-year agreement with Ride On Therapeutic Horsemanship to manage and maintain the facility.  Ride On is a not-for-profit corporation open to

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Triunfo Community Park

Description As a community park, Triunfo Park is designed to serve the broader recreation needs of several neighborhoods.  The design is meant to encourage and attract families on a day-to-day basis, as well as provide for larger community events.  Rolling hillsides, oak trees, and direct trail access provide scenic highlights.  Although mostly day use, some

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Thousand Oaks Community Park

Description Property for the 35.8-acre Thousand Oaks Community Park was acquired in 1970.  A 22-acre portion was developed in 1974 including a community center, gym, soccer and softball fields, sports courts, picnic structure, and reservable meeting rooms.  This is the only park with racquetball courts and it is also home to Rabbit Flats Disc Golf

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