Keeping Recreation & Parks Safe & Healthy

A Community Conversation

For nearly 60 years the Conejo Recreation & Park District (CRPD) has served our regional needs for parks, open space, fitness and youth, senior and family programming. CRPD maintains over 50 local parks, 8 community centers, and over 150 miles of open-space trails in the Thousand Oaks area. We serve as community hubs and emergency centers, as a safe space for children after school, as a place for seniors to socialize and remain active, and much more.  With fire season now year-round, CRPD – like the rest of us – is doing its part to remain focused on wildfire prevention and mitigation efforts. 

We could not do this without input and collaboration with the communities we serve. This is why our dedicated team and volunteers need to hear from you. As we continue planning now and for future generations, CRPD is committed to responsibly addressing the community’s priorities for our regional health and safety.  Please see our Frequently Asked Questions and tell us what is important to you by filling out our brief feedback form today!

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