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The CRPD Explorer App for smart phones is here!

The CRPD Explorer app offers an efficient and user-friendly way for the patrons to explore and enjoy all of the wonderful parks and programs CRPD has to offer.  CRPD Explorer allows users to stay up-to-date with events and find parks in the area that suits their needs. 

"We are very excited to launch the app," stated Tom Hare, CRPD's Administrator for Parks and Planning.  "The CRPD Explorer is a one stop destination for users to get a wealth of important information from the convenience of their iPhones."

In addition to basic District contact information, users can explore an interactive map of the District, check field status, and get information on all of their favorite parks and facilities, including history, amenities, and detailed maps of each park.  Users can also search for a specific park or amenity, and check out outdoor reservable areas... all from the convenience of their iPhones.

CRPD Explorer also offers a section devoted to the 50th Anniversary of CRPD.  This feature allows the user to take part in the celebration by learning the history of CRPD, its beginnings, as well as joining in on the fun with the "Play Conejo Challenge".

CRPD Explorer was the creation of Matt Jones, currently a custodian employed by CRPD.  Matt and his business partner, Matt Edwards, formed JAMMED Studios and presented CRPD with a proposal for the app.  After a year of development and collaboration with CRPD staff, the app is ready to go.

Hare continued, "This is only version 1.0.  We are looking to make the app available to Droid users and ways to upgrade the app, such as adding the ability to register and pay for classes.  We are eager to make this the most user-friendly and useful app for our patrons."

The app requires at least iOS 5 or higher, which is available on the iPhone 3GS and newer.  If you have questions or feedback after downloading
CRPD Explorer, or are having trouble downloading the app, please email CRPD at