Parking Info

Where do I park?

There is Off-Street Parking ONLY once you cross Lynn Road on Avenida de Los Arboles.

Canna Street (on the right): Once you turn right, there is street parking on a variety of streets off of Canna Street which surrounds the park.  Please do not block any driveways.

Velarde Drive (on the left, at Wildwood Elementary School): When you turn left on Velarde Drive, there are a variety of streets to turn into to find street parking. Velarde Drive goes all the way around and reconnects to Arboles. Again, please do not block any driveways.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING in any neighborhoods past Velarde Drive in the Big Sky area.

BE PREPARED as parking can be challenging. Most street parking is at least a 10-15-minute walk to the Registration/Pick-Up Area. It's suggested that you provide yourself with 30 minutes or more to find parking.