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Water Conservation

You Can Help Our Efforts

To report water leaks, broken sprinklers, over-watering due to malfunctioning controllers, or anything that results in water waste, please use the D.R.I.P. Water Watcher form at the bottom of this page. Thank you for helping us conserve!

Message From The General Manager

Although the Governor's April 2015 Executive Order was lifted in April 2017 with Executive Order B-40-17 and previously modified with the May 2016 Executive Order B-27-16 (Making Water Conservation a California Way of Life), long range climate modeling strongly indicates a hotter and drier Southern California in the future; without a strong commitment by the District to water conservation, the water resources in the Conejo Valley are jeopardized.  Thus, the District will build upon its past efforts, move forward, and continue to do its "fair share" and be a leader in the community with regards to water conservation.

Water Conservation Plan

The District's attached Water Conservation Plan discusses multiple issues related to water conservation.  With each issue, the Water Conservation Plan discusses the District's current practice, further District objectives, and challenges in accomplishing the objectives.

Utilizing the District's Strategic Plan, historical usage, and Making Water Conservation a California Way of Life recommendation (which provide the framework for outdoor irrigation standards utilizing evapotranspiration rates for the area, and irrigated and irrigable landscape areas), the District has set an annual water consumption target of 503 units of water per developed acre (1 unit of water equals 748 gallons).

In the last full fiscal year, 2017-2018, the District used 465 units per acre, 7.6% below its water target of 503 units per acre.

Water Conservation Plan - Updated October 2018 (PDF)

Turf Conversions

In response to the current ongoing severe California drought, rapidly escalating water prices, and statewide policies and laws encouraging the reduction in the use of outdoor water (especially turf), the Conejo Recreation and Park District is continuing its water conservation efforts. These include:

  • Projects to convert non-essential turf to wood chips and/or drought-tolerant plants. We have turned off water on portions of nearly every park, totaling approximately 70 acres. See maps below for each park.
  • Projects to modify and upgrade irrigation systems
  • Projects to use reclaimed water for irrigation
  • Modifying the annual field refurbishment process    

Below are turf conversion maps for each park.

Banyan Park Northwood Park
Borchard Community Park Oakbrook Neighborhood Park
Canada Park Old Meadows Park
Conejo Community Park Pepper Tree Park
Conejo Creek North Park  Rancho Conejo Playfield
Conejo Creek South Park Russell Park
Cypress Park Russell Access 1
Del Prado Playfield Russell Access 2
Dog Park Russell Access 3
Dos Vientos Community Park Southshore Hills Park
Dos Vientos Neighborhood Park Spring Meadow Park
El Parque de la Paz Stagecoach Inn Park
Estella Park Suburbia Park
Evenstar Park Sunset Hills Park
Fiore Playfield Sycamore Neighborhood Park
Glenwood Park Thousand Oaks Community Park
Hickory Park Triunfo Park
Kimber Park Walnut Grove Park
Lang Ranch Neighborhood Park Waverly Park
Lynn Oaks Park Wendy Park
Newbury Gateway Park Wildflower Playfield
North Ranch Neighborhood Park Wildwood Neighborhood Park
North Ranch Playfield


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Water Usage Reports

February 2019 Water Usage Report

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D.R.I.P. Water Watcher Program

Report park sprinkler problems and concerns by participating in the Do Report Irrigation Problems (D.R.I.P.) Water Watcher Program. Use the simple form below to report water leaks, broken sprinklers, over-watering due to malfunctioning controllers, or anything that results in water waste.

DRIP Program Water Waste Report